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    Social media has been abuzz with the subject of tithes and tithing. Someone says this talk about money (that’s what everything boils down to, right?) is essentially due to the state of the economy, and of purses and pockets. Leke Alder began to look at the subject last Sunday on Twitter. Here’s a loose roundup of Part 1 of the series, but you can search for the #illuminare tag to get the full coverage:

    • The Bible outlines three types of tithes under the law or legislative tithing: the sacred tithe to the Levites, the vacation tithe which you ate with your family before God, and the social justice or social security tithe to Levites, immigrants, orphans, and widows.
    • If you take the three into account, tithing then went up to 30% in certain years.
    • Abraham was the first to tithe upon returning from his battle with the four kings as described in Genesis 14. “Nobody compelled Abraham to tithe. It was voluntary. For this reason we shall call Abrahamic tithing elective tithing.”
    • The oft-referenced Malachi 3:8-12 isn’t applicable in this dispensation but shows us how serious God takes things.
    • “Christians CANNOT pay tithe under the Law. We’re not under the Law, we’re under grace. (Rom. 6:14)”.

    I’m eager to see where this leads as Mr. Alder continues his teaching next Sunday. Maybe we ought to tithe only as Abraham did – voluntarily, in faith, and in worship to God.

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