Is homeschooling in Nigeria a fantasy?

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    Is it possible to homeschool your child in Nigeria or is it just a fantasy?

    I think one of the most fascinating things in this world is how someone actually learns something and so I’m always subconsciously scouring the environment (online/offline) for related information. Homeschooling sounds romantic — take complete control of my child’s education, use books and tech to teach him stuff without restricting him to any school’s pace, layer academics with social activities, sports, music, and of course, morals and Biblical teachings (you know, all the ideal elements to create or nurture the ultimate prodigy). I was especially fired up after stumbling on Asim Qureshi’s experience raising his three kids in, well, Singapore. I read his entire blog at a sitting.

    Why am I even considering this? It not strictly because I agree with the perennial “The standard of education is falling, falling, falling… “, it’s just that I’m inclined to novelty.

    So, what do you think: can one homeschool his child in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria for that matter? Or better, how can one successfully accomplish this?

    P.S. My wife’s adopted the siddon-look approach.

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