How do I prepare my child for success?

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    I’ve been doing some reading. People say there are two things parents can do to help their child succeed:

    1. Close involvement in your child’s education and
    2. Genuine interest and participation in your child’s hobbies, leanings, interests outside school work.

    This is the ideal parenting style researchers have tagged Concerted Cultivation. But the busyness of life can allow one to easily slip to the alternate Natural Growth style that is, parents allowing children to find their own way in the world with their minimal involvement. Okay, our full, quality commitment to our children is crucial. Are there any strategies or methods parents can employ to pull this off while juggling other demands? How do I prepare my child to succeed?

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    Ekene Olatunji

    The Concerted Cultivation parenting style seems like a better option for me especially when the child still needs some form of guidance and direction before he/she reaches the independent stage of their lives. Parenting either way you choose, has its peeks and rewards.

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