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    The situation is similar when you write a book or build a new service or product. The idea is perfect in your mind’s eye, and you strive to make your creation its exact replica.

    But progress is slow, the process ridden with contradictions, and about-turns, and the end-product, when you reach it, appears like a caricature to you, an embarrassment. It’s like a mother who gasps in disbelief at her oven-fresh newborn possessing none of the cuteness she dreamt of.

    There’s one question to answer: “Is this good enough?”

    Be content with this iteration of your project. If it satisfies your core aim, purpose, and fulfills some key utility, launch it, let it fly. Version 1.x or 3 will be better; you will have gained vital knowledge to improve its form four, six months down the line; your next book or the one after it could be better.

    “What if I mess up this opportunity?”

    Well, there’s always the risk. This one might go away (forever) but another one will come.

    So do all you can to come up with your ‘good enough’ xyz. It just might be good enough for God to use to solve someone’s or a nation’s problem.

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